Board & Staff

Thank you for making Loudoun County so great. We are honored to serve you.


Darrin Myers:

Financial Officer
Kathleen Broadhurst:

VP Lending
Catalina Noyes:

Loan Officer
Terri Harding:

Dina Canas:

Member Service Representatives:
Cathy Nelson
Cayla Phipps
Cheryl Sullivan
Caitlin Martin
Brett Taylor

Board Of Directors

Chairperson - Cindy Mester
Vice-Chair - Eric Jewell
Secretary - Denise Farrington
Director - Shelly Morris
Director - Mary Spruel
Director - Dr. Rodney Kander
Director - Donna McMullen

Supervisory Committee

Chairperson - Jay Kretzler
Member - Bonni McCauley
Member - Denise Palmer
Member - Lisa Beatty
Member - Joe DeCarol
Member - Ollie Henson
Member - To be announced
Member - To be announced

Security Officer
Tim Depoy