Vision & Values

Our 2020/2021 Goals:

• Increase Member Satisfaction
• Increase Team Member Retention & Satisfaction
• Increase Profitability

Mission: Loudoun Credit Union, a member-owned institution, exists to meet the financial needs and goals of its members while maintaining long term financial stability. Loudoun Credit Union strives to provide the highest level of member-service by offering a broad range of quality financial services at fair and reasonable rates.

Vision: Our vision is to be the institution of choice for comprehensive financial services and information for all eligible members.

Our Brand: Our brand is who we are and what makes us unique. We proudly serve those who serve others in Loudoun County, VA.

The vibrant colors in our brand reflect the very bold and strong personalities of those we have the privilege to serve. They are the people who make our streets safer, our kids smarter, and our community stronger.

The exclamation point in our brand represents the idea that the people of Loudoun County are proud of who they are, what they do and most of all what they can contribute. They shout the idea of giving, volunteering and a deep sense of community.

We believe in the motto to "Amplify Your Life". Live loudly, and cause a ripple effect onto your fellow neighbors and others within our community just by being you - who we humbly and so proudly serve.