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Mobile Banking

Banking from the convenience of work or home? You've got to be clicking me! It is really that easy. Transfer money, apply for a loan, check balances, review statements or pay your bills online. With technology this convenient, you'd never have to see us again - but we would miss you, so please stop by, even if it's just to say hello. Now you can download our new mobile app and do it all on the go!

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Check Balances
Find out in real time just how much money you have available.

View Account History
Can't remember as far back as last weekend? No worries. Online banking will allow you the ability to view recent account activity. That's right, you ordered pizza and that is where that $20 must have went.

Transfer Funds
Click, tap, tap, tap, click. Done.

Access e-Statements
Save snail mail for unwanted credit card offers. Get your account statement as soon as it is available via your inbox. Don't worry. It's safe and secure. Actually more so than your mailbox.

Make Payments
Remembering who to pay and when can fill up a calendar dates, and those should be left open for more important things in life. Bill Pay will pay your bills automatically for you so you don't have to remember while you are out enjoying life.

Apply for a Loan
Brew a cup of coffee, read the morning paper, send the kids off to school and apply for a loan from Loudoun CU - all from the comfort of your slippers and robe.