Overdraft Protection

We know an occasional "uh-oh" can happen which is why we offer two types of overdraft protection for your checking account.

Standard Overdraft Protection includes automatic transfers from your share savings account to cover any transactions that try to clear your checking accounts when sufficient funds aren't available. Please be aware that certain types of transfers from savings to checking are limited to six per month.

Our Preferred Overdraft Protection serves as a line of credit. Therefore, when funds aren't available in your checking or share savings account, it will clear the item by taking the checking account negative, but paying the item so it doesn't get returned. A fee is assessed for each time this service is used. Contact the credit union to find out more about Preferred Overdraft Protection.


Saves Embarrassment
Having a transaction get returned is no fun, and having the assurance of overdraft protection can put your mind at ease.

There's really nothing to it. You don't have to call, click or stop by. When you need overdraft protection, it will be there, kind of like a superhero.