Loans & Credit

As a Loudoun local you deserve a better loan with affordable payments, easy and flexible terms and some of the lowest rates you can find.

Have a loan at another financial institution, refinance it at the credit union and save!

Vehicle Loans
If it moves you, we can finance it at a great rate. Come to Loudoun CU for loans on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers, RVs and more.

Visa Credit Cards
Our no frills Visa Credit Card has one mission: to save you more each month. With a famously low rate, no annual fee and no balance transfer fees, this is the only card you'll need.

Personal Loans
It's the <Insert what you need here> loan designed for everything from your kids' braces, a family get-away, a new computer, or just about anything else you can imagine. Well...almost.

Student Loans
If furthering your education is part of your dream, then helping you get there is part of ours. As college tuition costs continue to rise, more students are in need of private student loans to help fund the gap between financial aid and college expenses. We can help.

Let Loudoun help you open the door to a new home or refinance an existing one and save. Our partner, Member Select Mortgage will make the mortgage process painless with payments and closing costs that fit your budget. If you already own a home, you can use it's equity for large purchases, while also enjoying some possible tax advantages. Choose from a fixed rate loan or a variable line of credit.

Share Secured Loans
Need some extra cash, but don't want to wipe out your savings? A shared secured loan from Loudoun CU is the way to go. You borrow what you need against your savings, and get a low loan rate. It's what you'd call a Win Win situation.

Loan Application
Like what you've been reading about our excellent loan options? Apply online right here. Right now. Go ahead. We're waiting.

If you prefer to print the application, rather than applying online, click here .

Loan Rates
It's kind of like the limbo. How low can you go? Click here to see our loan rates.