Money Market

Consider it a new kind of "Super Market" with super rates and super flexibility. Money market accounts can bring the best of both worlds for the saver who doesn't like their money too far out of reach.

If you like the flexibility of being able to withdraw funds from your savings account, but enjoy earning a higher dividend rate on your deposit - then a Money Market account from Loudoun CU seems like a great match for you.

Rate Information

Dividends are calculated based on the average daily balance method and are paid and compounded monthly. Dividends on Money Market accounts are paid on the last day of each month.

Rates are structured based upon the following tier:

$0 - $2,500 Minimum Balance
$2,500.01 - $19,999.99 Tier One Rate 1
$20,000.00 - $49,999.99 Tier Two Rate 2
$50,000.00 - Over Tier Three Rate 3

A minimum daily balance of $2,500 in the account each day to earn the disclosed annual percentage yield.

Minimum Balance Requirements
  • Minimum to open - $2,500
  • Minimum deposit allowed - $250.
  • Minimum withdrawal - $500.
  • Maximum withdrawals per month - 2
  • The credit union reserves the right to require a seven (7) day notice of withdrawal
  • Subject to Regulation D
  • Excessive Withdrawal Fee (over two withdrawals per month)
  • Minimum Withdrawal Fee (any withdrawal less than $500)
  • Monthly Service Charge if balance falls below $2,500 at any time
  • Deposit Less than Minimum ($250)


Accessibility to Funds
Money market accounts allow you one withdrawal per month with no penalty.

Higher Dividend Rates
Earn a higher rate on a Loudoun CU Money Market account vs. a regular Share Savings Account.

No Monthly Fees
There are no hidden fees or small print to be weary of when it comes to your Money Market Account. Trust us, you'll never see "Monthly Service Fee" on your transaction history.