Share Savings

This is where it all begins. All it takes is a teeny tiny little deposit of $5 to open your share account and viola! You become a member-owner of Loudoun CU. The $5 minimum deposit represents your share as part owner and is required to maintain your membership.

Upon opening your Share Savings with Loudoun CU, you are eligible to take advantage of any and all other services provided such as loans, online services, checking accounts and more. Dividends are paid on share balances over $200.


Competitive Dividend Rates
Loudoun CU prides itself on remaining competitive in the market by offering extremely competitive Share Savings rates.

No Monthly Service Fee
We love our members and are thankful for their service to making Loudoun County so great. Therefore, we won't nickel and dime you - it's just not in our nature. Feel comfortable opening your statement, we won't surprise you with random "Service" fees.

Online Banking
With your Loudoun CU Share Savings account, comes an opportunity for so much more. Check out some other cool feature we have to offer as well, including our online banking.

Free e-Statements
e-Statements can really kill two birds with one click. Eliminate the risk of ID Theft while getting your statement delivered in a safe and convenient way.