Youth Accounts

Start your child of on the right savings foot by opening them a Youth Account from Loudoun CU. They will learn the value of saving by watching there money grow with each deposit. Youth accounts are designed for anyone less than 18 years of age. So whether you want to open that adorable new baby an account, or teach your teen the value of a dollar, we can help.

Youth Share Savings

Ages 13-17: For our older Youth Account members, we offer CU succeed. This program is specifically targeted to teach important financial lessons to those about to head off to high school or college. Click here to learn more about CU Succeed.

Young Savers Share Certificates
Ages 0 - 17: For those young savers who want to earn a higher return on their investment, Loudoun CU offers a Young Savers Share Certificate. Young Savers certificates only require $500 to open and earn the same dividend rates as regular Share Certificates.