Senior Advantage

We think turning 60 is a milestone that should be acknowledged and rewarded. So when you turn 60, you are automatically enrolled in the Senior Advantage Club. *As a member of Loudoun Credit Union, benefits of turning 60 include:

Share Certificates
Accelerate your earnings. Receive .25% higher rate on any share certificate rate regardless of the term. This applies to all new and renewed Share Certificates. IRA Certificates are excluded.

The Senior Advantage of "Checking" with us
Interest Earning Account. With an average balance of $1,000, you are eligible to earn interest at the regular share (savings) rate.
Free Checks (must be ordered through us)
Free Stop Payments
Free Check Copies (3 per month limit)

Other Convenient Services
Free Third-Party Official Checks
Free Domestic and International Wire Transfers
Free Fax ServiceFree Photocopy Service (20 per month)

* A member is defined as the primary owner of the account; joint account ownership does not constitute membership.