Dear Members,  It is with great sadness that I will be leaving LCU as of 11/27/17 and moving to be closer to my aging parents.   LCU has brought me so much joy, and I intended to stay forever. Sometimes life gets in the way of long term plans.  As I celebrate my 11th year with LCU I’m reminded that working here was my American Dream.  11 years ago I began as a part-time teller and here I am - the CEO.    My daily involvement with the Membership is something I will miss everyday.  The staff, Board and Supervisory Committee will always be in my heart.  If you are ever lucky enough to work for and with such great people, it is a true blessing! Going forward I may live in a different state but part of my heart will always be here.  I will miss everyone. If you able to swing by the office, I would love to share my gratitude for giving me this opporunity.   LCU is strong and growing. I am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store. The Board is committed to keeping our home-town feel and service a priority! Don't get stuck with credit card debt after the holidays. Get a fixed rate holiday loan and pay it off quicked. Take a holiday from your loans. Skip one months payment on each loan you have. Did you know you can turn your debit card on and off from our mobile app.

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