As a Loudoun local you work hard to make our community better, so relax, it's our turn. Let us take care of you. Not only does Loudoun CU have an array of savings vehicles to choose from, but they each come equipped with competitive rates to help drive your savings potential.

Share Savings
It's similar to a giant piggy bank. To become a member-owner, you just need to keep $5.00 in your share savings account as your "share" of ownership. Plus, you'll earn dividends on every dollar you save.

Share Certificates
It's certifiably a great way to grow your money. Enjoy fixed dividends, higher than a regular savings accounts. Choose from a wide range of terms and minimum balances to get you close to your goals.

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)
We all have the dream to retire one day, and whether your retirement involves grandkids bouncing on your knee, or toes in the sand, we can help you get there. Choose from a Traditional, IRA, Roth IRA, or even a Coverdell Education Savings Account.

Money Market
Going to the market to pick up a few things has never been this much fun. Earn higher rates with average daily balances of $2,500 or more. Plus, you can make up to two withdrawals each month. With a shopping cart full of safety and flexibility, you'll love the your money market.

Fill In The Blank Savings
This club is sure to make you want to dance. Club accounts can mean worry-free savings for the holidays, vacation or that special something. You can set them up and forget about them. Just tell us how much you want to go in and watch as it starts to add up!

Youth Accounts
Whether your little one is six or sixteen, we want to help educate them on the importance of having a deep understanding of their financial lives. Not only does Loudoun CU invest in our community's youth through scholarship programs and partnering with schools, but we also have special youth accounts to get them started on the right path at an early age.

Savings Rates
Up up and away. Click here for our competitive savings rates.