Vehicle Loans

Vrooom! Vrooom!

Take off with a vehicle loan with Loudoun CU. Whether your dream vehicle is on the open roads or cruising along water, if it moves, we can finance it.

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New & Used Financing
Whether you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, the rates are the same. Unlike most financial institutions, Loudoun CU vehicle rates are the same for new and used vehicles.

Loudoun Lower Program*
The Loudoun Lower Program is a refinancing opportunity for all members and non-members. Bring your loan to Loudoun CU from another financial institution and we will match or beat your current rate by 0.25%.

Payroll Deduction/Automatic Payments Let us set up your auto loan to deduct automatically from your paycheck or checking account. Paying for your loan has never been easier.

Flexible Terms
Loudoun CU offers terms to fit everyone's needs. Choose a short-term loan in order to payoff the balance quicker, or a longer-term which allows for lower monthly payments.

Vehicle Loan Application
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Loan Rates
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